Branding | Art Direction
Photography: Jonathan Zizzo

When my wife and I decided we wanted to pursue the idea of opening the first experiential art gallery in Texas I knew the branding needed to be a different than what people would expect. The first installation we did in 2018 was very maze like. Each space was sectioned off into its own room. The exhibit was full of things people could find and interact with that would help them discover things to interact with in other rooms. With this in mind,  I wanted to make the branding feel puzzle-like and elusive, make the viewer have to look at it twice to really read it. Normally I wouldn't go down this path but I felt it was appropriate to get people to pay attention to this new-to-Texas installation. For our first campaign I also went with a photographer I knew could take direction with ease as well as deliver a polished look but with a very unique POV. 

I have gone down different avenues with each new chapter of the installation but the Sweet Tooth Hotel masthead has remained unchanged over the years.
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