Creative Direction 
Music Video
When approaching this project I knew I wanted to direct a broadly relatable story in the simplest way possible. We moved forward with using only two characters, using only color and light. Starting from pitch black the video follows the story of the typical ups and downs of a modern relationship. We see the toiling of the couple through both perspectives, through the mans eyes and the woman's. We can even see building waves of energy coming off of them as the story progresses. The viewer can see the light start to change and things in the environment becoming more and more dramatic. Through lighting and post production, we continually ramped up the saturation, camera movement and light leaks. I felt this was able to convey the amount of emotion that can eventually overtake someone and even the relationship. We continue to show the escalation until the camera itself starts to glitch and break down in parallel with the relationship until there is nothing left but a white filled screen. 

Directed by French 75
Director of Photography: Zack Santagate
Producer: Chris Lund
Post Production: Joel West 
Editor: Ryan Conway
Produced by Flight Films LLC
Production Services by B&H | Deux

©All Rights Reserved French Seventy Five 2020
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