Art Direction 

OOH promotional campaign concept for Post Malone's sophomore album Beerbongs & Bentleys
The concept behind this 2018 album release was to heavily increase interest and anticipation by making it more personal. The first and only release campaign, as well as the album itself for Post's sophomore record was as straight forward as it comes. The album artwork was solid yellow with black type. As beautiful as it was, it didn't speak to Malone's ideation style or personality. Austin's lyrics are based on personal experience and his individual point of view, so as soon as I found pictures of his signature as well as his writing style, I felt I had to incorporate into a campaign. The campaign is taking something as personal as his song book and the lyrics he's jotted down and making it public. Not just the world to see but to bring he's biggest fans even closer, and showing a side of Austin Post rarely seen.   

Photography by Timothy Saccenti
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